The Lowlander

2 oz. Scotch whiskey
1/2 oz lemon
1 oz. simple syrup
1/2 tsp fresh grated ginger

Stir with ice in rocks glass. Garnish with lemon peel.  The above is for using a mixing (blended) Scotch.  For a single malt with more depth and robustness, you can probably reduce the syrup and increase the ginger.  Also, if you squeeze the grated ginger through a piece of cheesecloth, you’ll get a much smooth and less gritty ginger guice.   I wonder how this would be in a Collins glass with more ice and some soda water…


I came up with this one evening when my better half was in the mood for a single malt, but didn’t want to be sipping whisky neat on a warm California evening. She had a bottle of St. George Spirits Single Malt Whisky sitting around (not a scotch, but very close flavor profile) that was singing its siren song. Away from my home booze closet (and homemade syrups and whatnots), the immediate ingredients on here countertop were some leftover ginger and a couple of lemons.

A pretty basic combo, but it worked surprisingly well. And, to toot my own horn, the staff at St. George Spirits agreed!


2 thoughts on “The Lowlander

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