Summer Spice

This past week I was up with Ms. ChinaNob in Mendocino County, which was equal parts Marin County coastal headlands, Wine Country vineyards, and pot smoking hippie meets seen better days logging towns.  Throw in some redwood forests, just picked roadside organic farm stands, and 100 degree weather in the valleys, and its a place I really want to go see again.  Unlike the long since ruined by the snooty-snoots wine scene in Napa, this is probably the first time I did a free wine tasting that involved around 15 different wines poured by the winery’s marketing manager who most likely was getting stoned a few minutes earlier in his Grateful Dead Dancing Bears VW Bus parked outside.

Beyond the excellent wines, hiking and hot springs, the area also boasts some fantastic farms selling just picked peak of season produce.   It was a week of mouth-watering peaches, strawberries, apples. pears, and the like.  This recipe with its muddling of fresh strawberries and light flavor, reminds me of summery lightness of the place.   I’ve seen it in a few different places titled a Strawberry Ginger Martini – which I have renamed as I refuse to a call cocktail a [BLANK] Martini just because it is served in an angular cocktail glass!

Summer Spice

2 oz. Canton ginger liqueur
1 oz. gin
2-3 strawberries
1/4 fresh lime, squeezed

Muddle strawberries with lime juice.  Add gin and ginger liqueur.  Shake with ice and strain into glass.


One thought on “Summer Spice

  1. Dave says:

    Dude, this blog makes me want you to take me on a drinking tour around SF. Starting with Li Po’s.

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