Richmond Gimlet

This past autumn for my birthday, thanks to my better half, I had the good fortune to experience a triple dose of cocktail fun.  First, dinner at Heaven’s Dog, the Modern Chinese meets mixology venue from Charles Phan of Slanted Door fame.  Followed by a book premiere party for Left Coast Libations which featured a cocktail list from the book, including a crazy-good Saffron Sandalwood Sour.  Then concluding at Thad Vogler’s Vulcan mind meld of locavore dinning meets locavore drinking at Bar Agricole.  A fun time was had by all – from what I can remember!

Since the Left Coast Libations book party, I’ve been slowly making my way through the recipes.   The drinks have been rather good on average, but far too many require preparing rather exotic tinctures, syrups and foams.  For example, Erik Adkin’s Carter Beats the Devil is a phenomenal drink, but when a drink calls for a Thai chili tincture that takes two weeks to macerate, it can take some of the spontaneous usefulness out of a cocktail recipe book.  (Needless to say, of course I wound up making the tincture, for a future blog post.  But still – just saying.)

Thankfully, it includes a few recipes that can be made on the relative spur of the moment – presuming you have access to a farmer’s market, neighborhood greengrocer or – in our case – Chinatown produce stand.  This one is an easy “modern” classic that is perfect for when the weather starts to take a turn for the springtime.  Light, refreshing and festive.  It’s also a completely awesome green in color.  What more could you want?

2 oz. gin
1 oz. lime juice
1 oz. simple syrup
large sprig of mint

Shake with ice and strain through fine mesh seive.

Recipe courtesy of Jeffrey Morganthaler.


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