MxMo LVII: Flores de Mayo

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[ UPDATE: The round-up post is up – here. ]

I’m quite grateful to Paul Clarke at Cocktail Chronicles  for being able to host this month’s Mixology Monday.   Lately, the monthly incentive of MxMo has been the one thing helping me keep the site updated.  Probably like many folks who decided to “start a blog”, after the rush of initial postings, it gets quite difficult to maintain a consistent pace of writing.  Its almost like…shudder…work.  How Erik at Underhill Lounge  or Frederic at Cocktail Virgin Slut manage daily postings is completely beyond me and my liver.  Maybe they are cyborgs.  Or half-alien.  (And yes, I clearly read too many comic books as a kid.)

This month’s round robin will occur on Monday, May 16th with the theme of  Flores de Mayo – Floral Cocktails.  For most of us, turning the page on the calendar from April to May means finally getting to say goodbye to the weeks on end of cold, gray drizzle that followed a winter of endless snow, or in the case of us on on the Pacific Rim, winter of endless rains. (Unless you are living up the glam life in LA or beach bumming in the O.C., in which case I hope you are enjoying that endless SUNSHINE. Grrr.)  As the sun starts becoming more frequent and the temptation to play hooky mid-week gets stronger,  nothing brightens the day better this time of year than the fresh blossoms hanging from the trees on the street and popping up in your neighborhood gardens.   Goodbye cabin fever, hello springtime!

The challenge is to feature a cocktail that highlights a floral flavor profile or includes a floral derived ingredient, whether home-made or off the shelf.  With the ever expanding catalogue of spirits (and the kitchen labs of home enthusiasts), there’s a whole host of directions for you to choose from – elderflower liqueur, creme de violette, chamomile infused gin, hibiscus grenadine, rosewater, lavender syrup – or to create.   With some luck, one of the garnish gurus will figure out a way to turn an orchid into a swizzle stick.

So if you want to join the virtual bar crawl, shoot me an email that includes a link to your blog entry for your drink to barmancometh (at) hotmail dot com, or post a comment to this entry by midnight on May 16th that includes the same.  Also, please link back to the Mixology Monday website and include the MxMo logo.  If you don’t have your own blog, I can feature you here with a guest blog post, but I will need to receive your submission by May 14th.  I will post a round-up of everyone’s cocktails within a few days after, post haste.


29 thoughts on “MxMo LVII: Flores de Mayo

  1. […] Dave’s announcement post: The challenge is to feature a cocktail that highlights a floral flavor profile or includes a […]

  2. Hi Dave. Hi all. It’s my first Mixology Monday and I had a blast. Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

    I came up with an original cocktail this time around:–-floral-cocktails

    Drink well. Be merry.

  3. Adam says:

    Thanks for hosting Mixology Monday this month. I made an original cocktail called South of Tuitan for it ( Cheers!


  4. Dear Dave, thanks a lot for this brilliant topic of this Mixology Monday.

    You can see my opinionated entry of a Flowery White Lady on following link:–_Floral_Cocktails.html

    Greetings from the Dessert…

    Dominik MJ

  5. Jessamyn says:

    My husband and I put up our jointly-written entry over on my blog <a href=""Food on the Brain. We had to try quite a few drinks before settling on the just-now-named Elderflower Descant. Such a hard job, too. 🙂

  6. […] Barman Cometh‘s Mixology Monday topic was declared ‘Flores de Mayo‘, for a brief second we thought of the Ramos Gin Fizz and orange blossom water, but then we […]

  7. Mackenzie says:

    First MxMo, looking forwards to working my way through all these great blogs! Great theme Dave.

  8. Mackenzie says:

    First ever MxMo post. Looking forward to working my way through all these great blogs. Thanks for hosting Dave!

  9. […] month’s MxMo theme is Flores de Mayo, presented by Dave at The Barman Cometh. When I first saw this, I figured that I’d take this month off. I figured that since the only […]

  10. Zachary says:


    I’m new to MxMo, but here’s a drink with a full ounce of Creme de Violette:

    • Zachary says:

      So a bit of a backstory here: Like most people, I’ve got a bottle of creme de violette that I use a barspoon at a time, mainly in Aviations. I set a goal of using a full ounce in a cocktail so I could use it up, and combined with the pineapple, orange and Campari, this gets to sort of a flowery black raspberry accord. Both egg white and pineapple texturize the cocktail. It’s not only pretty to look at, but tastes nice as well.

  11. Dan Wang says:

    Hi Dave,

    Hope I’m not too late with the MxMo post. Our entry is:


  12. Marc says:

    Thanks for hosting Dave. My entry for MxMo LVII is the Bijou a Fleurs cocktail:{7D66ED00-B7A5-43F6-95DB-6447C6F5CF5D}


  13. Dave K. says:

    Thanks for hosting Dave… here’s my Spring Negroni post:

  14. Filip says:

    Dave, thanks for hosting. I sent you an email, but if it’s easier to collect all the entreid from here, here is mine again:

  15. […] 17th, 2011 § Leave a Comment When I first proposed “Floral” as the theme for Mixology Monday, I had figured I would make some type of gin punch using a […]

  16. Paul says:

    Slipping in under the wire (though sadly sans photo — the ones I took were either blurry or just plain bad), here’s the Beuser & Angus Special. Thanks for hosting!

  17. Chris says:

    I don’t know why I am so bad at this. Anyway, here’s my awfully late submission. Boo on me.

  18. dagreb says:

    I was going to make a Gin Daisy, mostly as a pun. I didn’t. I blogged about it anyway…

  19. […] Bay Area boozehound Rowen throws down with tequila and violets – I really need to try this […]

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